Information for Applicants

Courses commencing September 2018

Appplications for our 2018/19 courses will open on UCAS on 26th October 2017.

For 2018/19 we will be running the following courses:

 Subject University Partner UCAS Course Code
 Art & Design Sheffield Hallam University 2FDK
 Biology Leeds Trinity University 22SJ
York St John University 2FF7
 Business Studies Leeds Trinity University 35HG
Sheffield Hallam University 2FDR
 Chemistry Leeds Trinity University 22SK
York St John University 2FF8
 Computing Leeds Trinity University 35HH
Sheffield Hallam University 2FDT
 Design & Technology Sheffield Hallam University 2FDV
 Drama York St John University 2FFB
 English Leeds Trinity University 2FF2
York St John University 2FFC
 Geography Leeds Trinity University 2XSK
York St John University 2FFD
 History Leeds Trinity University 2XSL
York St John University 2FFF
 Mathematics Leeds Trinity University 2FF6
York St John University 2FFG
 Modern Languages York St John University 258T
 Modern Languages French/German Leeds Trinity University 32WP
 Modern Languages French/Spanish Leeds Trinity University 32WN
 Music York St John University 2FFH
 Physical Education* Sheffield Hallam University 2FDJ
York St John University 2QHR
 Physics Leeds Trinity University 2QHP
York St John University 2QJ2
 Religious Education Leeds Trinity University 35HJ
York St John University 2FFJ


*Physical Education: We always receive a large number of applications for our Physical Education courses. Unfortunately we only have a small number of places allocated to us. Should you be considering applying for one of our Physical Education courses, we strongly recommend that you ensure you are in a position to submit your application as soon as the application window on UCAS opens. This means that your personal statement is complete & your references are ready so there is no delay to your application reaching us. Competition for places is always very strong & it is the first course we sift & interview for.

Places on WRA School Direct courses are limited and recruitment takes place on a rolling basis. Once the number of candidate offers accepted reaches the course limit, courses will be closed. Prospective applicants are therefore recommended to apply as soon as possible to avoid missing out on the course of their choice. We also strongly recommend that prospective applicants obtain their references as soon as possible to prevent any delay in submitting their application.

Fees & funding (bursaries)
Please see respective course university partner websites for latest fee information. Participants will be able to access student loans, and depending on subject and grade of degree, may be eligible for a bursary. For details of available funding options visit the DfE Get into Teaching website.

During the course trainees will have to undertake placements in two of our partner schools. Please note that whilst we are unable to guarantee exactly which schools in our partnership trainees will be allocated for their placements, consideration will be given to individual trainee circumstances/locations wherever operationally possible. Trainees will also be required to travel to the partner university for their respective course on a regular basis. Requirements for this vary between universities.

Please see the other pages in this section for details of the qualities the WRA look for in applicants, how to apply for a School Direct place and details of further information.

UCAS have produced some useful videos for applicants & links to them are as follows: