Gaining School Experience

Applicants are expected to complete at least 10 days school experience & whilst it is preferable for this to be completed before application/interview, we understand this is not always possible, particularly for applications made later in the school year.

Completing recent school experience before interview means that you will have first-hand experience to refer to during the interview process. If you do not have sufficient school experience, any offer arising from interview will be conditional upon completion of a stated number of days of school experience (in addition to any other conditions arising from the interview & standard conditions from the university provider) before the end of the school year in the July preceding the start of the course.

School experience is an extremely valuable part of applicants´ journey into teaching. Observing lessons, staff & students, & being part of a school environment is a good starting point & gives you the opportunity to begin to understand what teaching is really like, what is expected of staff & a real insight into the career you wish to embark on. We strongly recommend trying to obtain as much experience as possible in a variety of educational settings & arrange this as soon as possible during the year before course commencement.

The White Rose Alliance lead school, King James´s School, has experience in all departments of hosting visitors who are considering teaching as a career. School experience visitors receive a brief induction to the school, followed by the opportunity to observe lessons, meet staff & current trainees informally (dependent on staff/trainee timetables & availability). Wherever possible we will also try to accommodate requests for more specific experiences such as eg. visiting the King James´s School thriving Learning Support department. During 2017/18 King James´s School will be offering experience visits for potential 2018/19 White Rose Alliance applicants on Wednesdays & Thursdays whenever operationally possible. For most subjects experience can be booked through the Get into Teaching online portal once you have registered with them (portal bookings are subject to department confirmation), otherwise you can contact us direct.

To enquire about obtaining school experience or for further information please email