WRA Interview Process

Application Sift

All applications are sifted by the White Rose Alliance and the university partner linked to the course applied for. The following factors can affect how long it takes for a decision to be made on each application:

  • the time of year your application is made
  • the number of other applications for the same course
  • the number of places available
  • decisions from other interviews for the same course

Invitation to interview

If the WRA wishes to invite you to interview, initially you will receive an email offering a date for interview; you will also receive notification of this on UCAS. 

Wherever operationally possible this will be at least 7 days in advance. There may however, be occasions when shorter notice is given eg. to accommodate a later application for an already arranged interview session for a particular subject, or if a national course closure for that particular subject is anticipated; these can be implemented by the NCTL once sufficient applicants have been recruited nationally for a particular subject regardless of whether the WRA still has places available.

During 2017/18 where possible the WRA intend to hold interview sessions on Fridays.

Once a date for interview has been arranged, it will be actioned on UCAS & you will receive a change notification from UCAS. The WRA will email you detailed information about the interview as well as relevant information & paperwork you should complete and bring to interview.

Interview sessions involve a lot of people (panel, students & staff) & organisation (room bookings, interview paperwork, communication with candidates etc). If after making arrangements to attend for interview you are unable to attend, we would be grateful if you would inform us as soon as possible.

If you are not attending because you are withdrawing your application (eg. you are accepting a place with another provider or withdrawing completely), please action your withdrawal on UCAS as soon as possible.

If you are unable to attend but still wish to proceed with your application, depending on subject availability, etc, on most occasions we are able to re-arrange the interview.

The Interview

The interview will normally take place over a morning or afternoon at King James´s School, Knaresborough. The interview panel will comprise of 2 or 3 experienced members of staff from the White Rose Alliance, partner schools or universities.

The main interview activities are mostly the same whichever university is linked to your chosen course. The activities you can expect to happen at interview are:

  • White Rose Alliance Briefing
  • Candidate Teaching/Interaction Task (candidates will be required to conduct a learning activity with a small group of students)
  • School Tour
  • Group Task (York St John University courses only depending on candidate numbers)
  • Discussion about subject knowledge with subject specialist
  • Subject related or Literacy Test
  • Interview
  • Evaluation

Interview Decisions

Candidates will be informed of interview decisions as soon as possible. All conditional offers are only official once they appear on UCAS.  As we only have a small number of places for each course, on occasions, some candidates may not receive notification of the outcome of their interview until the outcome of further interviews for same course are held. Feedback from interview is available on request.

WRA Interview Process