WRA Interview Process

Application Sift

All applications are sifted by the White Rose Alliance and the university partner linked to the course applied for. The following factors can affect how long it takes for a decision to be made on each application:

  • the time of year your application is made
  • the number of other applications for the same course
  • the number of places available
  • decisions from other interviews for the same course

The WRA Interview Process & Covid-19

Recruitment for our 2020/21 courses is now closed. The interview process for our 2021/22 courses will be dependent on the Covid-19 situation when applications open on 8 October 2020. The information below reflects interviews during the pandemic and will be reviewed & updated for the 2021/22 cycle.

Following a successful application sift, candidates will receive an email detailing the interview process, advising of a date for a Zoom interview & containing relevant documents. Should the proposed interview date/time not be convenient for the candidate, we can of course, make alternative arrangements.

Candidates will be required to provide/complete the following information/documents:

  • Photo ID (photo of passport ID page or photo driving licence)
  • Complete an initial subject audit form
  • Complete a prior achievement booklet (York St John University course applicants only)
  • Electronic portfolio of own work (Art & Design/Design & Technology applicants only)
  • Lesson plan & resources for 15 minute teaching task (to be discussed during formal interview)

Candidates will be required to participate in the following remote activities:

  • Subject test (45 minutes) (excluding Art & Design/Design & Technology applicants)
  • Portfolio discussion (30 minutes) (Art & Design/Design & Technology applicants only)
  • Language discussion (15 minutes) (MFL applicants only)
  • Written communication task (45 minutes) (Sheffield Hallam University course applicants only)
  • Formal interview (40 minutes)

Tests &/or written communication task will be emailed to the candidate at an agreed date/time & a specified period given in which to complete them & email back once completed. The portfolio or language discussions will take place via Zoom at a pre-arranged date/time. The formal interview will take place via Zoom at a pre-arranged date/time.

Candidates will be informed of interview decisions as soon as possible. Any offers at this stage are conditional & are only official once they have been confirmed on UCAS.

Standard conditions of any offer from interview are:

  • verification of degree & GCSE Maths/English qualification certificates
  • successful application to obtain enhanced DBS clearance
  • successful completion of a medical questionnaire

Additional conditions can be added to an offer should they be considered required & these could include completion of a subject knowledge enhancement (SKE) course. Additional conditions will be discussed with the candidate during the interview or in a post-interview conversation.

Feedback from interview is available on request.

WRA Interview Process