Professional Studies Programme

As part of the School Direct course, all White Rose Alliance trainees participate in a comprehensive professional studies programme at King James´s School. In general terms every Wednesday morning from September until early March, all trainees, no matter which university course or subject, come together at King James´s School.

The aim of the Professional Studies programme is to build & develop the trainees´ understanding of key educational themes which they can use in their teaching & planning. The professional studies sessions link with trainee weekly subject mentor meetings & university tasks to underpin lesson planning & teaching. Each session is carefully scheduled to ensure maximum benefit to the trainees at appropriate points in their training. It is a wide ranging programme encompassing development of classroom skills & knowledge through to trainee well-being & future job success.

An additional feature of the programme is utilising the wealth of knowledge, diversity & skills in our partner schools through school experience days. For more information about our school experience days here.

Not only do the weekly professional skills sessions support the development of the trainees & provide a sound foundation at the start of their professional careers, the regular sessions enable trainees to quickly establish their own peer support network by coming together as a cohort. 

Professiojnal Studies