School Placements

For majority of the School Direct course, trainees are school-based.

All trainees undertake placements in 2 contrasting schools. The duration/format of placements varies upon the university provider linked to the course.

Leeds Trinity: 

  • Stage 1: September - December (placement 1 school)
  • Stage 2: January - March (placement 2 school)
  • Stage 3: March - Jun (placement 2 school)

Sheffield Hallam:

  • Placement 1: September - December
  • Placmement 2: January - June

York St John: 

  • Placement 1: September - December
  • Placement 2: January - June 

Trainees will be welcomed into their placement schools as members of staff from the start of the course & are encouraged to become involved in all aspects of school life, including tutoring, PSHCE lessons, extra-curricular activities, trips, etc.

Placement schools are assigned taking into account a number of factors including trainee home location, partner school subject availability, trainee access to own vehicle or reliance on public transport, trainee school preferences, etc, whilst ensuring all trainees receive a contrast of placement schools. Not all of our partner schools are able to offer placements in every subject & the specific subjects each school can offer to us each year does vary. This means that on occasions it may be necessary for the WRA to arrange a placement for a trainee in a non-WRA partner school. The WRA will liaise with any non-WRA partner school & any trainee placed therein, in the same way as if they were on placement in a WRA partner school.   

In each placement school, trainees will have a deignated Department Subject Mentor to oversee their development & with whom they will meet formally each week to discuss progress, obtain advice & set targets. The WRA is fortunate to have skilled practitioners as mentors in our partner schools who receive annual training from the WRA & respective link university.

All WRA partner school & university staff work together & have regular contact. Each WRA Lead Teacher or the WRA Senior Mentor, will have responsibilty for a specific group of trainees & act as the link between the partner schools & WRA. They establish regular contact with subject mentors & trainees to monitor progress but are always available to provide support & advice to the trainees.