Allerton Grange School, Leeds

Allerton Grange School, Leeds

Allerton Grange is an unusually diverse school in cultures, beliefs and abilities.

Our aim is that all students are safe, taught well and encouraged to develop skills and talents. That is why a recent Ofsted inspection judged Allerton Grange to be a good school in all areas, commenting that students, including those in the Sixth Form, achieve well in their examinations, with good teaching, good behaviour and above average attendance.

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At Allerton Grange we are commitment to continuing professional development of our staff and embedding the highest expectations into everything we do. We believe that excellent teaching transforms lives of young people and therefore we are determined to provide the best quality teaching for our students.

Our values are the common threads that bind our school community together. Our school motto also reinforces how we get the best out of every member of the school. Every one of us aims to be the best we can; we work hard to achieve our goals and we celebrate our success.

Our values:

  • Aspire - we want everyone at Allerton Grange to be the best they can be and therefore we set the very highest expectations for all members of our school, regardless of background or ability. We expect the highest standards of behaviour and attitude. The highest standards of uniform and organisation. We expect the highest standards of teaching and learning and conduct from our staff.
  • Grow - at Allerton Grange we ensure that the opportunities are available for any stakeholder to improve and develop. We provide excellent teaching and an intervention programme to support students academically. We provide many student leadership opportunities which allow students to grow as individuals. We invest heavily in developing our staff and ensuring each member of staff grows as a professional. 
  • Succeed - our commitment to improvement delivers success. We celebrate success with students and staff. We are a rapidly improving school where the quality of teaching ensures that students make rapid progress above that expected nationally. Students are rewarded constantly for meeting the expectations the school sets.

Key features for the School Direct programme:

  • An opportunity to work with colleagues in a truly inclusive environment

  • Excellent facilities for academic and extra-curricular activities.

  • An aspirational, friendly environment in which all students thrive

  • Working alongside our deaf & hearing impaired and SEND team


Allerton Grange School, LeedsAllerton Grange School, LeedsAllerton Grange School, Leeds