Hambleton & Richmondshire Pupil Referral Service

The Service opened in Northallerton in September 2009, with a refurbished building and a newly formed staff team. The Service has now worked with over 500 students, 16 of our local Schools and local educational institutions in addition to surrounding Local Education Authorities. We provide support to students within the Centre, some at their homes or at local Colleges, others at alternative venues. 

We are a committed and capable team of professionals who genuinely care about young people and who have generously given of our time to ensure that everyone has had the opportunity to be the very best they can be in all aspects of our work. I can assure you that the staff have really enjoyed working with all our students, and their parents/carers. 

 Hambleton & Richmonshire PRS

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Part of our development is to extend the range of our work, with all our partners, by supporting and working alongside our colleagues; helping them give the most appropriate educational provision for our students who have found mainstream education challenging.

Our principle aim is to re-engage young people with their education, close their learning gaps and support them in progressing into their next stage of learning. We achieve this by providing access to education within our Centre at satellite sites or in young people’s homes. Some of our students work with us on a full-time basis, others part-time. Our curriculum is both flexible and personalised. We pride ourselves on being a successful, caring service which aspires to achieve the very best outcomes for all our young people. Our team is challenging, nurturing and supportive of all students parents and carers.


Key features for the School Direct programme:

  • An opportunity to work with colleagues in a truly inclusive environment
  • An environment where we challenge the past and embrace the future
  • An opportunity to experience effective learning in a challenging context
Hambleton & Richmondshire Pupil Referral Service
Hambleton & Richmondshire Pupil Referral ServiceHambleton & Richmondshire Pupil Referral ServiceHambleton & Richmondshire Pupil Referral Service