Pre course support

Pre course support

As soon as an applicant accepts a conditional offer from the White Rose Alliance, the journey begins & they are part of the White Rose Alliance.

The WRA aim to make all trainees feel as welcome as possible & ensure that they understand what is required of them at all times.

For those applying early in the recruitment cycle, there can be quite a gap before the start of the course & therefore it is important that regular contact is maintained. We keep in touch with our next cohort through a series of newsletters offering advice, information & guidance with recommendations of actions to be taken or preparation to be done. Trainees are also encouraged to arrange further school experience with us during the pre-course period if at all possible.

Applicants who have accepted a place with the WRA are invited to attend 2 pre-course events at King James´s School – a Pre-Induction Morning in May & WRA Induction Part 1 in July. These events aim to ensure our trainees feel fully prepared & equipped to make the best possible start to their course in September.  Whilst the new cohort receive essential information & are able to chat with staff & former & current trainees, it is also an invaluable opportunity for the new trainees to meet each other before the start of the course. Former trainees have highlighted how beneficial this experience was for them in terms of removing one of the most common pre-course concerns.

The WRA also runs a Buddy programme connecting current cohort trainees with those who will be in the next cohort. This gives the next cohort trainees access to an informal, friendly contact to whom they can chat to about the course, or get answers to any queries regarding their subject or university. This scheme helps to ease any minor worries & ensures the new cohort trainees have the information they need, feel supported & prepared for the start of the course.

Our university partners arrange pre-course visits during which qualification certificate & ID checks are completed.

Before the start of the course (generally in July), trainees are invited to an orientation day visit in their first placement school.

During the pre-course period, WRA staff are always available to provide support & are happy to respond to queries & concerns at any time.

WRA Pre-Introduction

A morning event held in may for trainees to: 

Gain pre-course advice & information from WRA

Meet, interact & share experiences, with their cohort peers

Get answers to questions & ease any concerns

Obtain advice & tips from current trainees

Plan next steps

WRA Induction Part 1

A morning event held in may for trainees to: 

Distribute detailed information on course & expectations 

Undertake teamwork presentation task with cohort peers

Meet WRA lead for university cluster to discuss course

Have an introduction to placement subject mentor 

Prepare trainees for their course ahead of the summer break