School Placements

School Placements

For the majority of the course, trainees are school-based.

All trainees generally undertake placements in 2 different schools. The duration/format of placements is as follows:

  • Placement 1: September – December
  • Placement 2: January – June

Trainees will be welcomed into their placement schools as members of staff from the start of the course & are encouraged to become involved in all aspects of school life, including tutoring, PSHCE lessons, extra-curricular activities, trips, etc.

Wherever possible, school placements are arranged taking into account trainee preferences, home location,  trainee access to own vehicle or reliance on public transport, etc. However, we cannot guarantee a placement in any specific school. Not all of our partner schools are able to offer placements in every subject & the specific subjects each school can offer to us each year varies. This means that on occasions it may be necessary for the WRA to arrange a placement for a trainee in a non-WRA partner school. The WRA will, of course, liaise with any non-WRA partner school & any trainee placed therein, in the same way as if they were on placement in a WRA partner school. Please be assured that we work hard to arrange the most appropriate placements, & minimise travel distance/time as much as possible, for every one of our trainees.

In each placement school, trainees will have a designated Department Subject Mentor to oversee their development & with whom they will meet formally each week to discuss progress, obtain advice & set targets. The WRA is fortunate to have skilled practitioners as mentors in our partner schools who receive annual training from the WRA & respective link university.

All WRA partner school & university staff work together & have regular contact. The WRA Lead Teacher & Senior Mentor, will assume responsibility for a specific group of trainees & act as the link between the partner schools & WRA. They establish regular contact with subject mentors & trainees to monitor progress but are always available to provide support & advice to the trainees as & when required.

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